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7 Year Bottled-In Bond Bourbon

750ml · 50% ABV

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This Kentucky Bourbon honors the distillery's historical roots, dating back to 1939 when Heaven Hill Bottled-in-Bond was introduced. This namesake brand swiftly gained popularity and became the top-selling Bourbon whiskey in Kentucky. Even today, the same founding family continues to infuse their craftsmanship into this bottle, adhering to the rigorous standards originally established in the Bottled-in-Bond act of 1897.

Aged for 7 years, the color presents a captivating golden amber. On the nose, it exudes warm hints of vanilla, honey, and a rich caramel sweetness. The taste is a smooth, warm, and sweet journey with subtle notes of rye spice, where caramel and honey gracefully mingle, complemented by just the right amount of oak and char to provide a well-rounded richness. The finish is long-lasting, leaving a delightful and lingering impression.

To carry the Bottled-in-Bond designation, a whiskey must meet the following criteria:

  1. It must originate from a single distillery and be distilled within a single distillation season, which can be either January-June or July-December.
  2. It must undergo aging for a minimum of four years.
  3. It must be bottled at precisely 100 Proof.
  4. The label must display the name and number of the Distilled Spirits Plant (D.S.P.) where it was originally distilled. If the bottling facility differs from the distillery, the label must also include the D.S.P. number of the bottling facility.
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