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Brew Free Hazy IPA 6 Pack

6 Pack · 12oz · 6.5% ABV

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At times, one may need to adopt a different perspective on life. Even when deeply rooted in tradition like the founding fathers, there comes a moment when you want to relax and embrace a bit of haziness. Their hazy IPA, characterized by its cloudy pale appearance, rich hoppy taste, and fruity scent, offers a deceptively effortless drinking experience. Grabbing a six-pack, donning your X-Ray vision goggles, and immersing yourself in the haze is all it takes.

This beer presents itself with a light gold hue and a cloudy texture, crowned by a frothy creamsicle-like head. Its aroma is crisp and fruity, featuring notes of stone fruit and citrus flavors, while its bitterness remains subtle, making it a breeze to enjoy.

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