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The Representative 4 Year Straight Bourbon Whiskey

750ml · 57.4% ABV

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This bourbon has a solid amber color after aging for only four years. Swirling it in the glass creates a thin film with nice legs. The aroma is rich in caramel with a hint of vanilla. On the palate, there's noticeable vanilla and plenty of candied cherry flavor with a touch of floral notes. The finish continues the cherry notes and adds some baking spices and clove, lasting quite a while. There are no unpleasant bitter notes in this bourbon, making it a good choice after dinner, with a cigar, or alongside dessert. It's remarkable how a year in the barrel can transform an MGP whiskey. This bourbon is also notably more affordable than the cask-strength Pinhook and offers much better taste, despite only being one year older. There could be some older whiskey blended in, given the label's statement of "Aged At Least 4 Years." Overall, it's a well-made whiskey.

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