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Harvest Gin

750ml · 40% ABV

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Alley 6's Harvest Gin undergoes a unique distillation process. Initially, it is distilled in traditional copper alembic pot stills using direct fire, which preserves the delightful fragrances of Viognier. Subsequently, it goes through a column still distillation to infuse the botanicals. This gin is a seasonal, limited-edition creation crafted from grape-based spirits, exclusively produced once a year during the harvest season. They start by fermenting and pressing floral Viognier white wine pomace sourced from local wineries, then distill it. Alley 6 artfully combines locally harvested California bay laurel, wild fennel, juniper berries, and an assortment of delightful botanicals. The outcome is a complex, floral spirit meticulously designed to captivate even the most discerning of tastes.

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