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Tequila Blanco Suave

750ml · 40% ABV

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Arette is a Tequila brand crafted by the Orendain family. The current master distillers are part of the fifth generation dedicated to tequila production. Their commitment has always leaned towards quality rather than quantity, upholding the traditional artisanal methods. Starting with 100% estate-grown lowlands Agave, Arette's process involves a meticulous approach. After undergoing a 15-hour roasting, the agave is then shredded and fermented using a special house yeast in the original cement vat of the distillery, taking 6-7 days. Finally, it undergoes pot distillation and double-filtration before being bottled.

The aroma is characterized by a lively and lemony fragrance. When sipped, it presents flavors of dried herbs, vibrant florals, and a hint of green pepper, accompanied by a subtle vegetal undertone. The finish is light, leaving behind a zesty lemony aftertaste. This Tequila is refreshingly mouthwatering, with a balanced alcohol presence.

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