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Tokubetsu Sake Junmai

720ml · 15% ABV

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Fresh and medium-light in body, it concludes with a brisk, dry finish. The aroma evokes thoughts of slightly underripe banana, with hints of passion fruit and a finish reminiscent of lime zest and freshly cut mint leaves.

This sake pairs harmoniously with dishes like raw oysters, carpaccio, and fatty fish such as tuna or bonito. The Bijofu Tokubetsu Junmai is a well-defined and precise sake, offering zest, spiciness, and easy drinkability. Unlike heavier or earthier Junmai varieties, it has a light and fresh character. Sake from Kochi is typically dry and lean, and although Bijofu exhibits a clear dry finish, its initial flavor is gentle and mellow. Tano village, situated near the deep Pacific waters, is renowned for catching fatty deepwater fish like Katsuo (bonito), making crisp and dry sake the perfect complement to the rich oceanic flavors.

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