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Philippine Botanical Gin

750ml · 45% ABV

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This gin offers a smooth and flavorful experience. It combines lovely citrus peel notes with subtle hints of juniper and florals, resulting in a clean and bright taste that serves as an excellent base for crafting a classic gin and tonic. On the nose, you'll discover fresh highlights of pomelo and calamansi, along with earthy coriander, savory juniper, pine, and a touch of mango. There are also hints of perfumed lavender.

The palate delivers the freshness of pomelo, dalandan, and calamansi, accompanied by the spiciness of pine and juniper. Angelica and chamomile contribute a floral dryness, while notes of lemongrass, cinnamon, and black pepper add depth of flavor. The finish is clean and well-balanced, with juniper and citrus notes and a refreshing quality.

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