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Manhattan Cocktail 375ml

375ml · 37.5% ABV

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Introducing the Bullet Manhattan Cocktail - a timeless classic crafted for your enjoyment right at home. Created in collaboration with esteemed bartenders, this ready-to-serve cocktail guarantees a bar-quality experience with every pour.

Experience the smooth, woody notes of straight rye whiskey harmonizing beautifully with the sweetness of vermouth and the complexity of bitters, resulting in the perfect Manhattan cocktail.

Designed to save you time without compromising on quality, Bullet embodies the essence of cocktail culture, allowing you to focus on sharing moments with loved ones rather than mixing drinks.

Best served straight up or over ice, you can customize your Manhattan with your preferred garnish for a personalized touch.

At 37.5% ABV, Bullet Manhattan Cocktail promises a sophisticated and indulgent drinking experience that's sure to elevate any occasion. Cheers to the art of cocktail crafting, brought conveniently to your home.

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