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Pure Coconut Water 1L


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In selecting what they consider to be the finest tasting coconut water globally, C2O has distinguished themselves. Their 100% pure C2O originates from young green coconuts of a particularly aromatic and flavorful variety found exclusively in the inland soils of Thailand.

Unlike the coastal coconuts commonly utilized, these coconuts belong to a freshwater variety, resulting in a more pleasing taste profile devoid of excessive saltiness.

Each batch of their coconut water is meticulously packed fresh and undergoes flavor testing before packaging to ensure consistency with their distinctive flavor profile. Unlike competitors who may use additional sweeteners or flavors to mask a saltier taste, C2O's great taste is entirely natural.

Ingredients: Calories 50, Calories From Fat 0, Total Fat 0gm, Saturated Fat 0gm, Cholesterol 0mg

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