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Hard Agua Fresca 12 Pack

12 Pack · 12oz · 5% ABV

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Calidad's Agua Fresca represents a range of spiked, effervescent seltzers inspired by the traditional Mexican beverage of the same name. Developed in collaboration with two expert flavorists from Mexico City, these Agua Frescas are available in a variety 12-pack, featuring three distinct flavors, each characterized by a vibrant and all-natural taste:

  1. Hibiscus ~ Watermelon: The fruity and tart hibiscus combines with the fresh and juicy watermelon, creating the quintessential taste of summer, all conveniently packed in a can.

  2. Guava ~ Pineapple: This flavor pairing brings together the lively tropical pineapple and the sweet, floral guava, creating a dynamic duo that you didn't realize you needed.

  3. Prickly Pear ~ Pomegranate: Delicately sweet prickly pear meets the bold and tangy pomegranate, resulting in a refreshing blend just waiting to be savored.

These offerings are designed to capture the essence of traditional Mexican Agua Frescas with a modern twist.

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