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Yellow Liqueur

750ml · 43% ABV

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Established in 1840, this yellow liqueur draws inspiration from the Elixir Végétal recipe. Chartreuse Jaune is characterized by its sweetness, spicy aromas, and the natural color it derives from a blend of 130 botanicals, including plants, flowers, bark, roots, and spices.

The production process for Chartreuse Jaune significantly differs from that of Green Chartreuse and entails several weeks of meticulous work across various stages.

  1. Monks within the plant room at the Grande Chartreuse monastery are responsible for grinding the botanicals.
  2. Distillation is employed to extract the aromatic essence.
  3. Multiple maceration techniques are employed to extract the active components from the botanicals and impart the liqueur with its natural color.

Following these steps, the liqueur undergoes an extended aging period within oak casks before being bottled. During this time, it continues to evolve and refine its complexity within the bottle.

Chartreuse Jaune presents an intense yellow hue and emits a fresh and spicy aroma. It possesses a smooth texture and offers fragrant notes of turmeric, citrus, and anise. The tasting experience is further enhanced by subtle floral undertones that linger on the palate.

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