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Pineapple Daiquiri 1.75L Box

1.75L · 13.6% ABV

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A skillfully balanced variation of the classic daiquiri, their Pineapple Daiquiri combines Stiggins' Fancy Pineapple Rum, their 5 Years Barbados aged rum, real lime juice, and a touch of Angostura island-spiced bitters. This Pineapple Daiquiri boasts an all-natural and gluten-free composition.

The Pineapple Daiquiri has the power to transport individuals to tropical destinations instantly. Whether one is relaxing in the comfort of their living room or lounging on the beach, this pineapple daiquiri has the ability to create the perfect ambiance. It's a refreshing option that can be enjoyed repeatedly. 

To serve, simply pour it over ice and garnish with lime, a pineapple wedge, or pineapple fronds for added flair.

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