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Smokey Margarita 1.75L

1.75L · 13.9% ABV

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Crafthouse's Smoky Margarita elevates the beloved Margarita by incorporating one of their favorite spirits, mezcal. This unique blend combines traditional Oaxacan mezcal with Premium Blanco tequila, infusing the drink with just the right amount of smokiness and agave essence. Fresh lime juice and a touch of sugar are then added to create a perfectly balanced cocktail. After savoring a smoked margarita, one might find it hard to go back to a regular Margarita.

Every canned Margarita they produce adheres to the highest quality standards. Their smoked Margarita is rich in flavor and serves as an ideal beverage for various social gatherings. Whether you're seeking a drink to enjoy poolside or a convenient canned Margarita for your next get-together, their smoky margarita fits the bill.

To serve their Smoky Margarita, simply pour it over ice and consider garnishing with lime, a salt rim, or an orange twist to enhance the experience.

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