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Sparkling Mineral Lemon Water 1.25L


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Crystal Geyser offers a pure and natural water option, boasting a light flavor and subtle carbonation for a refreshing and sophisticated beverage experience. The recipe for Crystal Geyser Alpine Spring Water is a gift from Mother Nature herself, never blended with other sources or purified from tap water. Each bottle features a source map, allowing consumers to trace the water back to its actual spring of origin – a transparency unmatched by any other brand.

Crystal Geyser is committed to bottling 100% of its water at the spring source, making it the sole national U.S. spring water brand to do so. Additionally, all Crystal Geyser Alpine Spring Water bottles are crafted from PET plastic #1 and are fully recyclable, reinforcing their dedication to sustainability. Remember to recycle and contribute to a healthier planet.

Ingredients: Mineral Water, Carbon Dioxide. Natural Lemon Essence

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