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Defiant Rye Whiskey

750ml · 46% ABV

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Master Distiller Eric Meech, at Blue Ridge Distilling, applies the same ambitious approach to crafting Defiant Rye Whisky as he does with Defiant American Single Malt. The key to this exceptional whisky lies in the use of just four top-quality ingredients: unfiltered pure mountain spring water, specially cultivated yeast, malted rye, and American toasted white oak.

The process of creating Defiant Rye begins with pristine water sourced deep beneath the distillery, maintaining its natural purity without any modifications. They use 100% rye, which is carefully ground using a custom roller mill. The whisky then undergoes aging in toasted and charred American white oak barrels, imparting a subtle mellowness to the final product. When tasting Defiant Rye, expect a deep amber hue, a smooth and indulgent mouthfeel, and flavors that combine spiciness with delicate notes of honey, vanilla, caramel, and tannins. The finish is long-lasting, with underlying hints of spice and honey.

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