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Monterey Pine Gin

750ml · 45% ABV

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This particular gin has earned the distinction of being Dissident Spirit's most highly awarded spirit in their collection, securing a double gold medal and being recognized as the "best US gin" at the New York Wine and Spirits Competition.

It was crafted with the intention of catering to both their existing gin enthusiasts and those who are newly exploring this style. Characterized by its smooth and slightly sweet profile featuring crisp citrus notes, it gently transitions from a subtle pine flavor to the flavors of rosemary and pepper. The complexity of its taste profile provides a lasting warmth and serves as a reliable foundation for a wide range of mixed drinks. This gin is considered their everyday go-to option and is a consistent favorite for concocting a straightforward Gin and Tonic with a dash of fresh lime juice. The team at Dissident Spirits takes great pleasure in witnessing the joy their customers experience when savoring their gin, and their passion for sharing these moments is the driving force behind their founding.

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