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Chopped Basil Tray


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In a cube = 1 teaspoon measurement, 1 cup of freshly chopped basil equals 42g, which is equivalent to 10 cubes. The debate over whether basil's taste surpasses its beauty, or vice versa, is a common one. However, certain facts about basil remain undisputed. In the culinary realm, basil reigns supreme as the king of herbs, and using Dorot Gardens chopped basil cubes offers a convenient solution for incorporating basil into any dish. Basil earns its title due to its incredible aroma and versatility in various culinary creations, including soups, fish dishes, casseroles, pasta recipes, and even unconventional choices like ice cream. With a shelf life of two years, Dorot Gardens chopped basil cubes ensure that the fresh flavor of basil is always readily available for use.

Ingredients: Basil, Water, Canola Oil, Citrus Fibers, Sea Salt, Lemon Concentrate

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