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Zenzero Candied Ginger In Syrup


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Introducing a novel creation rooted in tradition: Fabbri Candied Ginger in Syrup. Crafted using the same time-honored method as their renowned Amarena Fabbri, this ginger undergoes a slow, ten-day cooking process.

Prepare to be captivated by its remarkably invigorating flavor profile. It strikes a harmonious balance, not excessively sweet, offering a spicy kick with a subtle hint of turmeric at the finish.

This versatile gem enhances a wide array of culinary endeavors, from your meals to desserts and cocktails. Elevate your Gin Tonic and Moscow Mule to new heights with the addition of this exquisite ingredient.

Rest assured, Fabbri Candied Ginger is 100% natural, free from artificial preservatives, artificial colors, or flavors, and devoid of GMOs. It is both gluten-free and holds kosher certification (Star K), reflecting their commitment to purity and quality. Embrace the essence of genuine ginger with this extraordinary creation.

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