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Sun Up Til Sundown Session IPA 6 Pack

6 Pack· 12oz · 5.8% ABV

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Farmers Brewing Co. brings you Sun Up 'Til Sun Down, a refreshing brew made with estate-grown rice and wheat. It has a beautiful golden color, an aroma of orange blossom, and a hint of fresh lemon zest. This beer starts tart and finishes smooth.

They believe in the values of farming, which include hard work, attention to detail, patience, and a blend of tradition and innovation. This ethos extends to their brewing. They began as a garage hobby and are now Farmers Brewing Co., handling every step from growing the grains to filling your glass. They are a 100% family-owned business, rooted in a 5th generation family farm in Northern California.

Their dedication to hard work, family, community, and a positive attitude shines through in their sessionable craft beers. Cheers!

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