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Menta Liqueur

750ml · 30% ABV

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Distiller Notes: The aroma is of sharp spearmint complemented by notes of milk chocolate and berry fruits. The flavor profile is a harmonious blend of fresh mint, citrus, and natural sweetness. It culminates in a refreshingly light finish, accompanied by subtle hints of licorice.

Branca Menta is a mint liqueur with a distinctive flavor, marked by a robust fresh mint taste harmoniously balanced with bitter notes, offering a natural and exceptionally refreshing experience.

Branca Menta is best served chilled and can be savored neat or mixed with Sprite, soda, or added to hot chocolate for a delightful peppermint twist. It can also be enjoyed as a chilled shot mixed with Fernet-Branca in a 1:1 ratio.

Press Reviews


With a concentrated spearmint aroma, this liqueur has a chocolaty core and plenty of cooling mint, like a mint-chocolate cookie with a moderately bitter edge. Use to sass up a classic Grasshopper or other drinks that call for crème de cacao. Best Buy.

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