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Fleurette Vermillion Gin

750ml · 46% ABV

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Fleurette Vermilion Gin is akin to its relative, Fleurette, as it undergoes vapor-path distillation with a blend of flowers and botanicals. However, what sets it apart is the infusion of hibiscus petals, which imparts a striking natural hue to the gin and introduces a captivating array of both tart and bitter elements. Complementing these characteristics, subtle notes of rose and honey enhance the gin's floral and sweet fragrances.

Given its intricate nature, the production of this exceptional gin is limited to very small batches. In recognition of its uniqueness and quality, this distinctive spirit was awarded the prestigious Best in Class title at the 2018 Craft Distillers Spirits Competition. Its flavor profile combines a floral foundation, primarily from the hibiscus and rose, interwoven with honey, resulting in a complex palate that marries sweetness, tartness, and a subtle touch of bitterness.

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