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Chivalry Sake Junmai Ginjo

720ml · 15% ABV

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This Ginjo sake has a pleasant mix of scents like grapes, apples, melons, bread, grains, cereal, and powdered sugar. It comes in a unique newspaper-wrapped bottle that protects it from light, making it appealing to those who enjoy dry wines.

The sake is light, smooth, and crisp with a dry character, slight acidity, and a medium body. It offers flavors of citrus, pear, apple, and finishes with notes of mochi, cereal, grains, and marshmallow. Made from premium Hyogo Yamadanishiki rice, it's a high-quality choice. Ideal with Izakaya fare, pub dishes, greasy, grilled, fried, savory options, and American-style sushi throughout the day.

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