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Green Minerals Tonic


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GoldThread's Green Minerals represents the ultimate green beverage we've longed for. Packed with freshly squeezed citrus and an array of super greens, it aids in the gentle detoxification of the body and serves as a daily companion for eliminating unwanted waste. The distinct combination of herbs and spices contributes to boosted vitality, hair, skin, and nail health, and rejuvenation of your body.

Green Minerals stands as the most delightful approach to incorporating greens into your routine. It invigorates the body during times of depletion and serves as an excellent tool for restoring balance.

Ingredients: Filtered Water, Lemon*, Green Mineral Proprietary Herb Blend (Nettle, Oats, Alfalfa*, Rose Hips*, Lemongrass*, Linden, Rasberry Leaf*, Red Clover*, Goldthread*), Erythritol, Cholorophyllin, Monk Fruit Extract

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