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Sour Lime Cordial

750ml · 40% ABV

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A timeless fixture in bars, lime cordial has been a go-to for generations seeking a refreshingly tart, slightly bitter, very sour, and highly enjoyable cocktail. However, the quality of available options often left much to be desired. Fortunately, Leopold Bros., the pioneering craft distillery with over 20 years of experience in distilling citrus, has introduced their new Sour Lime Cordial, revolutionizing home bars everywhere. Much like other recent favorites, it's versatile, easy to use, complements a wide range of flavors, and is exceptionally delicious.

Mix it with sparkling water for a boozy soda or elevate your highball with a splash of blanco tequila, gin, rum, or vodka. Experiment by incorporating muddled cucumber, jalapeno, mint, or cilantro. When making shaken cocktails, adjust the amount of fresh lime or lemon juice as the Leopold Lime Cordial provides ample acidity.

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