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Especial 12 Pack

12 Pack · 12oz · 4.4% ABV

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Modelo Especial Mexican Beer is regarded as a prime example of what exemplary beer should encompass. This pilsner beer offers a rich, full-bodied flavor profile, characterized by its golden appearance and the subtle nuances of orange blossom honey and a touch of herb. It features a mild hop presence, enticing sweetness, and a refreshing, clean conclusion, rendering it an exceptionally smooth beverage, ideal for relishing at barbecues or sharing with friends during sports events. This 12-pack of imported beer is also an excellent choice for tailgating.

With just 143 calories per 12 oz bottle, this imported beer pairs excellently with Mexican cuisine, pizza, or seafood. Crafted using barley malt, unmalted cereals, and hops, it achieves a harmonious flavor, all while staying true to its brewing heritage and the spirit of determination.

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