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Richebourg Grand Cru 2021

750ml · 15% ABV

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The appearance, or "robe," is delicate and feminine, while the aroma is robust and masculine. The palate bursts with vitality, boasting an unparalleled richness and a generosity that can sometimes be overwhelming. In appearance, the character of the wine varies depending on the vintage and bottle age. A Richebourg can exhibit either a smooth ruby hue or a deep, almost nocturnal red, veering towards a dark purplish-black. Its color consistently remains vivid and dense, with luminous highlights and flashes of carmine.

On the nose this wine offers fragrances of musk and Russian leather, with subtle hints of sandalwood. With aging, it develops notes of hawthorn and peach blossom. Two distinct aromatic profiles emerge: one reminiscent of lichen, forest floor, and mushrooms, and the other evoking cherries, blackcurrants, and cooked or preserved fruits.

In its youth, the wine explodes on the palate with intense and vigorous flavors. It requires several years of aging to mellow and evolve, eventually becoming expansive and inviting.

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