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Lychee 6 Pack

6 Pack · 12oz · 4.7% ABV

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Introducing a variety of unique and refreshing flavors from Nectar:

  1. ASIAN PEAR: Experience the crispness of an apple harmoniously blended with the candied sweetness of a pear.

  2. YUZU: Delight in the juiciest bite you've ever taken, bursting with citrusy and tart notes that conjure up the image of a lemon and grapefruit riding a tandem bike together.

  3. LYCHEE: Savor the sweet and aromatic fruity flavor with delicate floral undertones, akin to a grape grown by elves.

  4. MANDARIN: Enjoy the essence of a tiny orange with a personality sweeter than its citrus peers, accompanied by a choir of delightful scents.

These flavors are meticulously crafted to provide a sensational and satisfying drinking experience, free from any artificial aftertaste. Say goodbye to monotony and elevate your hard seltzer game with Nectar's Asian-inspired fruit sensations.

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