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Reserva Del Vinatero Palmilla Blanco

750ml · 48% ABV

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Introducing Rancho Tepúa Palmilla, a unique sotol crafted by Maestro Vinatero Roberto Contreras. This exceptional spirit is made from wild Sonoran Dasylirion wheeleri, also known as palmilla, carefully harvested and processed to capture the essence of the Sonoran Desert.

The production involves a traditional approach combined with patience. The palmilla is roasted for 48 hours to extract a rich, smoky flavor, then fermented with spring water for 8-12 days to develop earthy tones. Finally, it undergoes meticulous distillation in copper and stainless steel for a sophisticated finish.

Rancho Tepúa Palmilla offers a soft, delicate taste with hints of earthy, fruity, and herbal notes. It's like enjoying a ripe mango by a stream in a Sonoran oasis, with a touch of smoked meat adding depth. This sotol provides a sensory journey through the Sonoran Desert's essence.

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