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Hard Ginger Variety 8 Pack

8 Pack · 12oz · 5% ABV

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Reed's ginger ale has taken a unique twist, offering a ready-to-drink hard ginger ale with a 5% ABV that is both light and invigorating. The beverage is crafted with genuine fresh ginger, ensuring a robust flavor profile, all while containing just 100 calories per serving. Reed's Hard Ginger Ale is distinguished by its natural brewing process, free from any artificial preservatives, sweeteners, or colors.

The product is conveniently available in an 8-count variety pack, featuring enticing flavors like Mango, Pineapple Coconut, Cherry Lime, and Watermelon Strawberry. Reed's invites individuals to choose Hard Ginger Ale over hard seltzer, providing a distinctive and flavorful alternative.

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