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Session Sours Variety Pack 6 Pack

6 Pack· 12oz · 4.2% ABV

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The Freedom Variety Pack is your passport to a world of liberating flavor experiences. This collection of easy-drinking session sours is designed to empower your taste buds with a burst of bold and genuine fruit goodness. Inside each Freedom Variety Pack, you'll discover an array of exhilarating flavors, with three cans each of the following:

  1. Freedom of Speach (featuring the delectable taste of peaches)
  2. Freedom of Press (highlighting the rich essence of black currant)
  3. Freedom of Expression (a delightful blend of strawberry and rhubarb)
  4. Freedom of Assembly (crafted with the vibrant pairing of blueberry and natural ginger extract)
Embrace the diversity of these flavors and seize the opportunity to exercise your freedom to choose. Whether you're looking to enjoy a refreshing peachy sip or a tangy burst of black currant, this variety pack is your ticket to a journey of taste exploration and enjoyment!
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