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Sanpellegrino Limonata is the authentic sparkling lemon beverage straight from Italy, capturing the essence of a sunny Sicilian summer. A beloved classic since 1960, it's skillfully crafted with the juice of handpicked Sicilian lemons and ingredients sourced from natural origins.

With its soft yellow hue and vibrant green hints, it mirrors the radiance of a perfectly ripe lemon basking in the sunlight of a lemon grove. Upon opening the bottle, its bold character shines through, emanating an intense lemon aroma that fills the senses.

Refreshing and crisp, Sanpellegrino Limonata offers a bright lemon flavor with subtle citrus undertones that linger with each sip. Made exclusively with the finest Italian lemons, it delivers an authentic taste of Italy in every refreshing gulp.

Ingredients: Water, sugar, lemon juice, lemon juice from concentrate, carbon dioxide, natural flavors.

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