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Modern Muku Sake Immortal Wing Junmai Daiginjo

720ml · 16% ABV

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Senkin Modern Muku represents the brewery's flagship brand, crafted entirely from locally sourced Yamada Nishiki rice in Sakura city. Part of their 'modern' series, indicating the use of contemporary brewing methods, this sake is celebrated as a daily indulgence - one that feels as comfortable as wearing a crisp white shirt. The term 'Muku,' signifying purity and simplicity, reflects the sake's unadorned nature. It offers a sharp, lively fruity flavor with a well-balanced umami richness. To enhance the sensory experience, the brewery recommends savoring their sake in Bordeaux wine glasses.

This sake pairs wonderfully with dishes like scallop and grapefruit salad, mozzarella and tomato salad, Italian seafood salad (insalata di mare), seafood aspic, sea urchin mousse, poached white asparagus, thinly sliced white fish sashimi with ponzu, and shrimp cake garnished with lemon.

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