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Hazy Little Thing IPA 12 Pack

12 Pack · 12oz · 6.7% ABV

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The process of creating their delightful hazy brew commences prior to igniting the kettle. They consider oats and wheat, including malted and unmalted variations, as crucial elements in their recipe. Each component is meticulously evaluated, from their specific protein content to beta-glucans, diastatic power, and other intricate beer-related attributes.

During the brewing phase, this precise blend of grains harmonizes with large quantities of lupulin hop dust, which essentially represents the pure flavor extracted from the core of hop cones, resulting in the formation of a velvety and flavorful haze. To maintain the haze's integrity, they lower the fermenter temperatures slightly compared to standard procedures. Furthermore, they choose to forgo filtration to package the beer, preserving its peak hazy flavor, directly from the tanks into the can.

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