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Longrow Scotch Peated Campbeltown

700ml · 46% ABV

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Longrow Peated provides those who appreciate heavily peated whisky with the opportunity to savor a persistent and smoky flavor that gracefully envelops the senses, much like the smoke emanating from a kiln. This whisky undergoes maturation in Bourbon and Sherry Casks, resulting in a very creamy texture with notes of vanilla custard. Importantly, the smokiness emerges gradually, allowing it to coexist harmoniously with other aromatic elements.

Upon tasting, one can discern the emergence of toasted marshmallows, herbal notes, and rich fruits as time passes. The whisky maintains an exceptional balance, offering a rich and creamy experience with a subtle medicinal undertone. The smoke is a constant presence, washing over the palate like the gentle billows of smoke from a kiln. Its subtle smokiness persists, leaving a desire for more with every sip.

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