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Tequila Reposado

750ml · 40% ABV

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Don Abraham Organico Tequila represents a 100% organic agave product. The production process adheres to traditional methods, ensuring strict control and the attainment of the finest quality. Don Abraham Organico exclusively utilizes blue agave plants grown organically, sourced from one of Jalisco, Mexico's premier growing regions. In this picturesque valley, optimal conditions in terms of soil, climate, and other natural factors converge to yield the highest-quality blue agave.

Expert growers, under close supervision, handpick only the most mature plants from their fields for the production of Don Abraham Organico. The entire production process is meticulously overseen, culminating in the creation of a natural blanco tequila. This tequila is then aged for nine months in oak barrels, imparting an authentic color, aroma, and flavor reminiscent of reposado tequila.

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