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Mineral Water 4 Pack

4 Pack · 12oz

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Topo Chico's reputation has long been intertwined with the intriguing tale of its origins. Today, it stands as one of the premier sparkling mineral water brands globally, offering a diverse range of flavors and package sizes to cater to all levels of thirst, whether legendary or not. Regardless of whether you subscribe to the folklore, you can still relish the refreshing, calorie-free taste of Topo Chico.

Since 1985, Topo Chico sparkling mineral water has been meticulously bottled at its source in Monterrey, Mexico. Its refreshing and adaptable nature makes it ideal for quenching your thirst or serving as a versatile mixer. With its natural mineral composition, Topo Chico effectively satiates your thirst, and as a zero-calorie carbonated beverage, it offers guilt-free enjoyment. Indulge in the 25.4 fl oz glass bottle of Topo Chico Sparkling Mineral Water for a refreshing experience.

Ingredients: Mineral Water, Carbon Dioxide.


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