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Gin Gimlet

12oz · 8% ABV

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Venus Spirits, the Santa Cruz-based distillery known for its dedication to crafting high-quality spirits, has expanded its offerings to include a convenient and delicious Gin & Tonic canned cocktail. This canned cocktail represents the perfect blend of their exceptional Venus Gin and a meticulously balanced tonic, creating a refreshing and crisp beverage that's ready to enjoy wherever you go.

With their commitment to quality and taste, Venus Spirits ensures that their Gin & Tonic canned cocktail maintains the same standards of excellence as their other renowned spirits. It's a testament to their dedication to providing a premium drinking experience for their customers. Whether you're looking for a convenient option for outdoor gatherings, picnics, or simply a way to enjoy a classic Gin & Tonic without the hassle of mixing it yourself, Venus Spirits' canned cocktail is a delightful choice. It's a testament to their passion for crafting exceptional beverages and their desire to make high-quality spirits accessible to all.

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